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TV #Anime ‘Juushinki Pandora’ 2nd PV Reveals New Cast Members


Juushinki PandoraOriginal Title:重神機パンドーラ
Alternative Title:Unit Pandora / 重神机潘多拉
Type:TV Series
Genre:Action / Adventure / Drama / Sci-fi
N° Episodie:??
Duration:?? Min
Season:Spring 2018
Category:Original Animation
Official Site:Official page (jp)


On the day the Xianglong (Shanron or Soaring Dragon) Crisis occurred in 2031, u was right in the middle of the unfolding events. The Quantum Reactor, a next generation energy device developed to replace dwindling environmental resources, exploded and unleashed an unknown energy. As a result, the global environment changed overnight. Living things (besides humans) and machines each underwent their own unique evolution, and the B.R.A.I. (Biological Revolutionary of Accelerated Intelligence) entity in particular evolved and came into being. As a result, humanity was driven to the brink of extinction. Humans fight the B.R.A.I with M.O.E.V. (Multi-purpose Organic Evolution Vehicle) variable units.

Seven years after the Xianglong Crisis, Leon was living in the wilderness on the edge of the “absolute defense city” Neo Xianglong. Living with Chloe Lau under a “family pact,” he conducted his own research to counter the B.R.A.I. The awkward Leon and the busybody Chloe. They live day-by-day as if to forget the past for the moment. However, threats unrelentingly draw near.


Tsuda Kenjiro as Dag Horvat
Uchida Yuuma as Guren Din
Ishizuka Unshou as Kane I. Hassan
Umehara Yuichiro as Jey Yun
Kayano Ai as Cecile Sue